11 Free Ways To Celebrate Mothers Day

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For those of you who appreciate a bit of history, Mother's Day started in 1908. Ana Jarvies lost her beloved mother in 1905 and began campaigning thereafter to make one day a year be a celebration for mothers. 

While the idea was initially somewhat ridiculed, Mother's Day became official by 1911 and is now internationally celebrated. 

Celebrating Mothers Day 

Different countries celebrate Mothers Day on different days of the year. Regardless of the country, the desire to thank and celebrate the Mom's of the world becomes more and more empathic with each passing year. 

Mothers Day Gets Commercial

One thing that Anna Jarvies didn't appreciate was the commercialization of Mother's Day. She disagreed with the profit-based mentality of consumer companies and even went so far as to rally against it.

Mexico Rolls Out The Red Carpet

Mexico is a great example of this commercial extravaganza. Mexico literally rolls out the red carpet for Mothers on May 10th. Mothers will dress in their Sunday best and typically be invited to their children's schools where they will be met with hours of festivities. It's not uncommon for Mothers to enjoy a full buffet breakfast, followed by a ceremony of some sort. Mexican children will then bestow their Mom with gifts that they have adoringly made. The rest of the day is spent lavishing Mom with more gifts and a dinner out.

When Cash Is Tight

In keeping with Anna Jarvies philosophy, Mother's Day celebrations don't have to be expensive. In fact, you can show your love and appreciation without spending a dime.

Here are 11 ways to celebrate Mothers Day for FREE!

#1 Handwritten Letter

This idea is perfect for little kids as they can get Dad to end a literal hand. Mom will know that the words and sentiments come from the kids, just as much as Dad. If your child is too young to write, have them sign at the bottom or do a squiggle on the page. 

Handwritten letters are guaranteed tear-jerkers and Mom will treasure it forever. 

picnic in back yard to celebrate Mothers Day

#2 Backyard Picnic

Grab whatever you have in your fridge. Find a blanket and some cushions and prepare an area outside your house to surprise Mom. Don't have a backyard? Then head out to a local park - or worst case - have the kids prep a makeshift tent under the dining room table. Invite Mom to your picnic feast. She will love it! 

#3 Family Art

Have everyone in the family join together and create a piece of art. Try to make it ahead of time so you can have it on the wall or the fridge. When Mom wakes up on Mothers Day, she can appreciate her art made from love immediately! 

breakfast in bed to celebrate Mothers Day

#4 Breakfast In Bed

It really doesn't matter whether its a cup of coffee or a 3-course breakfast. Breakfast in bed (with a lie in included!) is always a home run. Yes, Dad will probably have to wake up a little earlier than normal to get everything prepped, but it will be worth it! 

#5 Make A Video

Anyone that has a Smart Phone can create a short, love-filled video for Mothers Day with the kids. This idea is also great for us grown-ups who want to celebrate our Moms. A 30-second video to tell Mom how grateful we are for everything she does will be gratefully received. 

#6 Social Media Appreciation

Want to take the video up a notch? Post it on Social Media and tag Mom. Yes, she may be a tad embarrassed, but she will appreciate the public proclamation of adoration from her family.

Celebrate Mothers Day by giving Mom a day off

#7 A Day Off

Yes - a whole day off being a Mom. Maybe you need to call in reinforcements to make that happen. If Dad can swing a day off or a babysitter can get involved, then Mom can really get a good rest. 

#8 Family Massage

Encourage your kids to set up an area of the house with cushions and a blanket. Find some oil or body lotion with a nice scent and have Mom be a willing participant! A few minutes of some massage will have Mom melting into the chair in no time!

#9 Spa Night 

Bathtubs don't always have to be for kids! Set up your bathtub area with candles, music and bubbles. Ensure that there will be no noise outside the bathroom area. Give Mom a good 30 minutes of soaking time on her own and she will be so happy! 

#10 Dinner & A Movie

This one may sound like it's going to cost money, but it can still be free! Figure out what Mom's favorite movie and dinner are if you don't already know. If it's a kid-friendly movie, then set up the living room for everyone. Drag the bedroom pillows out along with soft blankets. Get Mom wrapped up and sitting in her favorite spot. Present her with a home-cooked favorite meal, followed by her feel-good movie. 

picking wild flowers to celebrate Mothers Day

#11 Hand-picked Wildflowers 

Take a walk outside and see if you can spot any flowers growing in your local park. You can even take Mom along with you on the walk and gather flowers as you go. Being in nature and sharing it with Mom is a wonderful way to celebrate Mothers Day.

What Moms Really Want For Mothers Day

Moms want to feel loved and appreciated on their big day. She wants to be reminded that what she is doing day in, day out, really matters to everyone in the family. 

Even if you only manage one of the 11 items we have suggested, your Mom will know that she is loved.

And that's surely the best gift of all! 

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