5 Gender Neutral Nursery Designs To Fall in Love with This Fall

Gender neutral themes are a huge trend right now in everything from baby names to fashion and, yes, interior design. Besides being on-trend, there are many advantages to incorporating decor that will works for either boy or girl when designing your nursery.

Not finding out your baby’s gender until the big day? That shouldn’t stop you from creating a warm, inviting space to bring them home to. Or, if you do know what you’re expecting, you might be planning for future babies and don’t want to start from scratch and re-design your nursery each time.

For many parents, a more neutral design simply fits in better with their existing decor.

Whatever your reasoning, here are 5 amazing gender-neutral ideas to help you get started planning for your own nursery.

gender neutral nursery

Neutral Color Palette

An easy way to ensure that your nursery will work for a baby boy or girl is to stick with a neutral color palette. We especially love this idea because it also tends to blend well with the decor throughout the rest of your house. Not to mention how amazing our gray sheet sets look with the beige and gold tones.

Bold Geometric Patterns

Want something a little bolder than neutral? Opt for intense geometric patterns in deep colors for a sophisticated take on traditional nursery designs.

Eclectic Mix

If you’re having a hard time choosing a style, don’t shy away from an eclectic collection of decor for your baby’s room. We love the idea of mixing masculine and feminine styles. The key is to find one unifying factor. If you want to play with texture, make sure it’s within the same color scheme. Looking for a variety of colors? Connect everything with a single pattern.


One theme that works great for a little son or daughter, is a nautical style! For coastal families (or those that wish they were) incorporating whitewash furniture, nautical stripes, and sea animals of all types will be the perfect home for your baby on board.


Does your home have a bit of rustic style? Take it a step further and design a southwestern nursery for your little cowboy or cowgirl. We love the natural elements and rugged accents of this sweet nursery.

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