Last Minute Gift Guide for New Moms

Shopping for a new mom this year? Take this opportunity to show them how much you recognize how much their lives have changed with a gift that’s actually for THEM. That’s right, they probably have enough onesies to last until their kids go to college and are swimming in diapers from the baby shower gifts. So, resist the urge to get them one more animal-themed bath towel and make their day with a little something to remind how much you appreciate them.

From gifts that help new moms pamper themselves at home (when they have 30 seconds to themselves) to those genius inventions that make their lives just a little bit easier, we have you covered:

Spa Treatment: There’s nothing better than a good massage or facial for a new mom who has barely had time to shower in the last few weeks. Search for a spa nearby and give a gift certificate for them to use on the treatment of their choice. This gift gets even better with the offer to watch the baby while they take an hour off!

Comfy Robe + Pajamas: Let’s be honest, real clothes aren’t happening often at this point. But that doesn’t mean that new moms can’t be cute. A new robe or comfy pajamas will certainly be useful and it never hurts to add a new “outfit” into the rotation!

Extra Set of Sheets: Is there anything worse than waking up to a crying baby who has somehow managed to make a mess of their crib sheets and now you have to make do with something else while you put those in the washer and wait for them to dry? Help the new mom in your life avoid the headache with an extra set of sheets - it’s something that she probably didn’t know to ask for, but desperately needs. Our Gray Collection is super versatile and will match any nursery!

Luxury Beauty Products: Don’t think your new mom is ready to leave the house for a spa day? Help her relax a little at home with some DIY luxury spa treatments.

Lifeproof Phone Case: How is it that babies always know how to reach for (and break) the expensive things? Help your new mom protect her phone with a practical lifeproof (and baby proof) phone case.

Plated Gift Card: Seriously, who has time to cook when they’re trying to keep their newborn alive? One of the most practical (and easiest) gifts to give, your new mom will be thanking you for WEEKS to come.

Chic Hats/Headbands: We’ve already addressed the lack of showering happening, so clean hair is a real luxury at this point. Help your new mom fake it until she makes it to the shower with some cute hats or hair wraps. We love these from Etsy.  

CribCulture SleepSuit: Give the gift of a good night’s sleep. Okay, okay, TECHNICALLY this is for the baby, but we promise moms will love you for giving them a night of restful sleep.

How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids: Just kidding, kind of.

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