10 Things To Try To Reduce Baby Teething Pain

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There's nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain; even if it's all part of growing pains. Baby teething is the WORST because as a Mom you know your babies discomfort is inevitable. Parents will try about anything to reduce baby teething pain once those gums are throbbing and their baby isn't sleeping anymore. 

Parents figure out pretty quickly when their baby is experiencing teething pain. The drool multiplies, the baby starts rubbing his or her face, daily naps get shorter or become non-existent and then there are the dirty diapers that can get pretty murky! 

We compiled some of the most popular pain reduction techniques for you beneath:

#1 Camilia Teething Drops

These were a home run in our household way back when babies came on the scene. Unfortunately, I didn't find out about the drops until molars were coming through, but my-oh-my what a difference they made. To use the drops, simply twist off the plastic top and squeeze out the drops. In the case of my son, he LOVED chewing on the sticks themselves. As he chewed, the liquid would seep out of the top. 
*** WARNING - Parental supervision is imperative if your child is chewing on this product. ***

#2 Homeopathic Teething Tablets

At first glance, I wasn't sure if the teething tablets would work. Only because I couldn't figure out for the life of me how my baby was going to chew a tablet. Silly me! Once I read the instructions, I realized that I had to dissolve a tablet in a little bit of water, then rub the solution over the gums using my finger. I have to say that this technique definitely provided much needed instant pain relief, albeit short.

baby sucking on ice cube to reduce baby teething pain

#3 Ice Cubes

We figured out that our baby ADORED sucking ice cubes while teething. It was on one of his first flights when we realized this. Our oh-so-helpful flight attendant delivered (without being asked) a plastic cup with a few broken up ice cubes in it. Our son scooped out a piece of ice and immediately began giggling and cooing while the ice was in his mouth. Who knew something simple like an ice cube could provide entertainment and relief?
*** WARNING - Parental supervision is imperative if your child is playing with an ice cube particle. ***

#4 Iced Cloth

We picked this tip up thanks to the kid's beloved Grandmother. During a visit to our house, she grabbed a washcloth, poured cold water over it, twisted it into a pacifier type shape, stuck it in the freezer and voila! A few hours later, we had a very cold, but very chewable pain relief device! 

#5 Amber Bead Necklace 

This is a great option for babies who need constant pain relief. The other upside is that baby now has something to play with all day too! If you're worried about baby wearing the necklace, Mom or Dad can wear it instead of baby, or you can ensure that baby is only wearing it during times of the day when you are able to watch them.
amber bead necklace helps to reduce baby teething pain

#6 Clean Finger Rubbing On Gums

For all the minimalist Moms out there, there's nothing easier or faster than a clean finger rubbing hard on babies gums. While it's a strange sensation to feel your baby chowing down on your finger, it provides a welcome relief. 

#8 Teething Toys - Sophie the Giraffe

Whoever created Sophie the Giraffe deserves a pat on the back! This funky little toy was a household favorite for both kids. The soft material Sophie is made from is like magic on aching gums. And of course, the ability to move babies mouth from Sophie's head area to hooves provide welcome sensory stimulation and distraction!

#8 Teething Ring

While teething rings seem to have taken a back seat these days when it comes to tools for reducing baby's teething pain, they are still a hugely effective way of tempering baby in his or her hour of distress. Available in all shapes and sizes on Amazon, you can find a cost-effective teething solution for baby immediately.

baby using a teething ring to help reduce teething pain


#9 Herbal Teas (Chamomile or Clove)

While Mom is pouring herself a cup of chamomile tea, perhaps dabbing some of it over babies gums will reduce some teething pains. It will certainly help to relax baby too. Clove is a natural analgesic, so herbal clove tea could also prove effective. 

#10 Acupressure

A quick visit to your local acupuncturist may be advisable if baby isn't eating or sleeping due to teething pain. Instead of using needles, your acupuncturist can apply acupressure balls to particular meridians of your babies body to alleviate pain. This works a TREAT. It's expensive but extremely effective. 
And if all else fails....
Break out the Motrin people. There's no shame in going for a proven anti-inflammatory. The main aim here is to reduce your babies discomfort, irrespective of how you get it done! 


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