Function + Form: 6 Sleepsuit Features that You and Your Baby Will Love

As a new mom, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right sleep-aid product for your baby. There are swaddle pouches, special cribs, and thousands of other options that claim to ensure you get a full night’s rest. One of the most popular, the sleepsuit, was introduced to the market about 10 years ago and has helped hundreds of moms transition their babies from the swaddle.

Throughout those 10 years, the product has remained unchanged - until now.

When we started developing our sleepsuit, we focused on creating a product that combined style and practicality. We wanted to keep the features that made sleepsuits effective and improve upon those that would make them even better for your baby.

    Seamless Back

    Since the sleepsuit is designed for back sleeping, we thought it important to ensure that it’s as comfortable as possible for your babies. Other sleepsuits on the market have a seam directly down the back of the suit that acts as a ridge. Can you imagine trying to sleep with a ridge down the center of your back?

    Adjustable Neck

    The addition of buttons to our sleepsuit facilitate an important feature that was previously missing. You can adjust the neck size of our sleepsuit with the buttons to allow for better comfort and cooling for your baby. Worried about buttons? We used extra durable jean style buttons that went through CPSC testing to ensure they aren’t going anywhere.

    Jersey Cotton Material

    While fleece sounds cozy, it makes it difficult to regulate the temperature for your baby. Other sleepsuits run the risk of becoming too hot and offer very little advice other than to turn the temperature down in your home. When we re-imagined the suits, we used a double layer of 100% jersey cotton. This allowed us to make the suits thicker, to reduce startle reflexes, but not hotter. The cotton has an added benefit of stretch that the fleece and microfiber lacks.

    Pacifier Clip

    We’re all about making your life easier so we added a pacifier clip to the sleepsuit to make sure you’re never without one when you need it.

    Ventilation Ports

    The original sleepsuits claimed to have 4 “ventilation ports” to allow for air circulation. Unfortunately, when the baby was actually in the suit, those ports were closed since they were the arms and legs of the suits. We added in an 11 inch ventilation port on each side of the suit. This mesh-filled zipper expansion allows for easier cooling and offers a little extra room for the chubbier babies of the world.

    Washable (+ Dryer Friendly)

    Is there anything worse than needing something for your baby and realizing that it’s dirty? Or in the washer and you forgot to lay it out to dry? Our cotton fabric is the key for your convenience. Not only is it washable, but unlike our competitors, you can throw it right in the dryer instead of letting it air dry. This means both you and your baby can get to sleep sooner.

    Think about the technological advances of the last 10 years. How different do cell phones, TVs, and even car seats look from their predecessors?  Why, then, should baby products be any different? We took a good product and made it better. We can’t wait for you to try it!

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