Top 3 Crib & Baby Safety Resources For Parents

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One thing we hope you recognize here at CribCulture™ is that while we are nuts about esthetic, we are also hardcore about baby safety when sleeping and playing in the comfort of his or her crib.

Safe Design For Peace Of Mind

While we made some very specific decisions regarding our textile choices, we didn't just make them because we loved how they felt. We chose breathable, organic fabrics for our products to prevent allergic reactions and promote a safe nights sleep for baby. As nerdy as it sounds, we believe that baby safety comes first, closely followed by design.

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You won’t see a CribCulture™ baby with a deluxe padded bumper pad and a gazillion toys stuck to the bars of the crib. Sorry-not-sorry to disappoint, readers. We are law-abidin’, rule-lovin’ baby safety geeks.

No matter how many babies you have had or plan on having, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of a good night’s sleep for baby starting with a huge helping of peace of mind for Mom & Dad.

Bringing an infant home to the nursery that you have thoughtfully created is nerve-wracking enough. However, you need to ensure that your baby will be sleeping in an environment that you have vetted and have confidence in. Check out our 3 top baby safety resources that you can have instant access to: 

#1 The Online Neighborhood Watch For Consumers

Let’s assume you’re a first-time parent and you are gearing up for the arrival of your new baby. How do you know which cribs are the safest purchase for baby? Will your mattress choice purchase be predicated on comfort along? Or does the baby safety factor enter into your decision-making process too?

Consider signing up for a 1-month membership to This is an up-to-date, unbiased resource where you can have instant access to thousands of reviews for over 8400 products. We dig their side-by-side product comparison checkers, especially because their emphasis leans towards safety in addition to user experience.

#2 Up-To-Date Virtual Mommy Magazines

Our next recommendation when it comes to baby safety is probably the most accessible: from the mouths of other Moms. And to take that up a notch - from Moms who are passionate about safety. While we could roll out some action-steps of our own regarding baby sleep tips, why not point you in the direction of some awesome ready-made tips?

Very Well Family & Healthy Baby (which was created by the American Academy of Physician Assistants) are two of our favorite online family resources who deeply care about safety for their own babies as well as yours.

Consumer Product Safety Commission

#3 Stay On Top Of Things - Without Having To Lift A Finger

Final stop for nursery safety is the CPSC: your ultimate resource for recall information. Once baby comes home, there's no WAY you're going to have time to keep on top of product safety.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission was created for the sole purpose of saving lives and keeping families safe by reducing the risk of injuries or death associated with the use of consumer products. All you need to do is subscribe to their daily email alerts, check their website or even follow them on Twitter for regular updates on product recalls and safety guidelines.

We also really dig the AAP (American Association of Pediatrics), who provide a constant source of accurate safety information that you must educate yourself on.

So how does your nursery planning measure up? Are you taking care of everything you need to in the safety department? It's your job as a parent to take care of all the baby basics. And in doing so, you are being the BEST advocate for your child. 

Learn more about the founders of CribCulture here. If you would prefer to download a PDF version of this article, please enjoy it here: 

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